Our New Year’s Wishes


This year we’re celebrating 30 years since POINT CZ’s founding. And we have many happy memories of our shared efforts behind us. Before we begin our review, let’s go over some core points of our philosophy – and wish you a great start for our jubilee year 2023.

It’s a well-known fact that the future’s roots are in the past rather than the present. Future success is about boldness – but also some simple principles, which we’d like to share. If we were to name five points that lead to success, they would be as follows:

The first and most important one is to overcome your fears. Of a tough sector, a crowded market, the competition… but also of how failure can be waiting around the corner. Those bold enough to round the corner and push past fear know this step will bring them enormous inner strength.  They’ll appreciate that strength the moment they reach “phase two,” which may be unpleasant moments or unpredictable situations.

Our point number two is letting yourself make mistakes. Because making mistakes means learning how to move ahead, try new things and overcome difficulties. It’s not our successes, but our mistakes and what we’ve learned from them that develops our strength.

The third strategic pillar is made up of specialists and a hierarchy… or rather rejecting hierarchy! Because, to quote the classic Czech comedian Jan Werich: “When it’s work for experts, you need the work of experts!” We’re proud of having experts on our staff who help us to push ahead. They and their teamwork are part of what has brought us to where we are.

The least popular point, but a very important one, is patience and determination. The fact that not everything is always “perfect” and that you need to “fall” before learning something is a truth we all learned back in our childhood. But many firms are afraid of this period, they lack confidence and long waits can turn them away. You can be sure that under the surface of every booming company, you’ll find a mountain of diligence, labour and determination, forming a foundation upon which success can rise.

The most fundamental point is to let yourself dream. Thinking isn’t just thinking of tomorrow, it’s thinking of the far future too. Thinking differently and not being afraid to follow your dreams. The moment dreams are defined, they become visions, these are reforged into a plan and that plan becomes a reality.

Our path has not always been easy, making us value our progress all the more. We primarily must thank all of you for joining us on this journey. Dear colleagues, employees, suppliers, partners and especially you, our customers: Thank you for your years of cooperation – and for bringing us to a place we’d never have reached without you.

Here’s wishing you all the best in 2023, and may all your dreams come true. May bravery, patience and determination accompany your journey, with fortune’s favourable winds at your back.

From our hearts

Michal and Vladimír Sázavský