Bet on DM delivery

12.10.2023 Packaging
Do you want to expand your business and fish in the sea of bigger clients? We will advise you how to activate their interest. You say that print advertising is dead? We’ll prove otherwise.

QR codes: Why use them in print materials?

09.08.2023 Packaging
Where is it worth using QR codes? How should one work with them when printing leaflets, brochures and other advertising materials? And how can their success rate be measured? We will advise you in our article.

Packaging Trends

05.09.2022 Packaging
Packaging sells. Full stop. But what if existing packaging can no longer communicate with new customers? What are the latest trends? We spoke to our packaging division head Petr Hajda about how the fashion of “being real” is reflected in graphics, and in packaging too.

We’re in It Together

20.01.2022 Packaging
Is that an advertising campaign theme? Not at all! It’s the strategy of companies that have adapted to market changes – both in packaging and elsewhere. We spoke with our packaging division director Petr Hajda about how it pays to have good business relationships.