No pain, no gain

02.11.2023 News
POINT has been thriving for 30 years, also thanks to natural resources. We wanted to give a little bit back to the landscape we work in. Read how we planted service-berry in Medlov.

How to come up with a company T-shirt?

07.09.2023 News
You can blaze your own trail of corporate t-shirts or read our article and save your time. We’ve been through this process, too, and we're happy to share our experiences.

No alcohol, I prefer a book!

21.06.2023 News
It was supposed to be a gift to our customers for the 30th anniversary of our printing company, but it became a true labor of love. Both the content and the production were a surprise. So much for the idea that corporate gifts are boring!

Celebrating 30 years of POINT

15.06.2023 News
‘Welcome. The hoes are in the shed.’ This is how the moderator of the event welcomed guests on 8th June 2023 at the Vinařství u Kapličky. Wine-making is a fine art nad it is respect for nature, respect for tradition and honest work. Values that are also the credo of the POINT CZ.

Number one Corporate event

01.06.2023 News
​​​​​​​It takes time and experience to carry out a corporate event. Companies often hire event agencies, but it can also be done in house. Read how we did it and get inspired.

Our New Year’s Wishes

02.01.2023 News
This year we’re celebrating 30 years since POINT CZ’s founding. And we have many happy memories of our shared efforts behind us. Before we begin our review, let’s go over some core points of our philosophy – and wish you a great start for our jubilee year 2023.

A Special Visit

28.07.2022 News
We have recently received a very pleasant and special visit to our printing plant. Our production site in Medlov near Brno was visited by Senator Pavel Fischer, who is the head of the Senate Committee for Foreign Affairs, Defence and Security – and also a 2023 presidential candidate in the Czech Republic.

A Christening at Our Printing Plant

03.06.2022 News
Thursday, 2 June 2022 saw the christening of a new Heidelberg printing machine at POINT CZ’s production plant in Medlov near Brno. This event marked the end of phase one of the company’s investments into a robotised Industry 4.0 future.