Nobody reads magazines?

07.03.2024 Print
Is print advertising uninteresting? You say nobody reads it? And what about subscribers? Join us for a look at the actual 2023 research numbers.

Recipe for a corporate catalogue

20.02.2024 Print
Few corporate printed materials are not boring. Yet all it takes is just a little something special, and then everyone will notice them. Take a peek under our hood and get inspired. We have the recipe for the right spice.

How is a Calendar born?

10.01.2024 Print
Customers often ask us how a calendar is actually made. Is that something that you are curious about, too? Join us now in Jedovnice, at our bookbinding centre and the place where calendars are made.

Make your New Year’s cards different

18.10.2023 Print
People have been sending each other New Year’s cards for almost two centuries. What about you? Do you have a set tradition or will you try it differently this year? We’ll give you tips on how to get creative with PF, as New Year’s cards are known in the Czech Republic.

Take the printing quiz

22.03.2023 Print
Are you familiar with printing, bookbinding and press jargon? Take our quiz. For each question you guess right, you get a point, and at the end you get a score. Or are you looking for a glossary of printing terms? Here it is.

What you might not know about calendars

16.02.2023 Print
Is the paper calendar an “outdated” medium and being replaced by the digital one? Don’t be mistaken. We print 10 million of them a year. In fact, its purpose is expanding and we’ll give you advice on how to take advantage of that.

Don’t Be Afraid to Innovate

30.05.2022 Print
Our printing company is in the midst of an extensive project for the modernisation of its facilities. New production technologies were purchased in 2021, and they were installed throughout 2022. We spoke with Tomáš Blažek, head of our production plant in Medlov, about how to successfully exchange machines while running full steam.

About Direct Marketing

15.03.2022 Print
How can you win over new customers in B2B? By captivating their senses. Wherever digital marketing can’t get in, printed direct comes to the fore. We spoke with Martin Hollý, the head of POINT CZ’s online division, about how this is a step forward and not back.