A fair? Don’t forget printed materials!


A fair is a great opportunity to establish contacts, gain new customers and meet business partners. It is therefore important that you properly prepare for it.

First impressions count

But you can’t do without presentable promotional materials. It is important to make a good first impression at fairs and other business events. In fact, it may decide whether you end up making important business contacts. Therefore, always try to impress potential partners. And not only with a charming behaviour, but also with presentable promotional materials

In addition to your stand, which you should prepare with the greatest possible effort, don’t forget the promotional materials, too. You should not be without business cards, wall and desk calendars, leaflets and brochures. These printed materials are an integral part of the marketing strategy and go hand in hand with your online presence. Just follow the principles of integrated marketing communication and the results will not take long to come!

Sooner rather than later

Our company is able to produce unfolded leaflets, stapled brochures, business cards and cards without any problems and in express time – within 24 hours of ordering. Even so, it is better to have business cards and other materials printed in advance. This will give you plenty of time to prepare the content and graphics, as well as the actual implementation. And what’s the best thing about it? All products can be printed online!

Which printed materials should you definitely not forget?

You can’t do without business cards

At a fair, everyone will meet a really large number of people. Remembering who you discussed what with is often a problem. But with the right business card, business partners and other managers can easily remember you and contact you if needed.

If you want to leave a professional first impression, make sure you have a supply of business cards. What should a business card contain? Definitely your name, contact details, job title and specific company, but also perhaps links to websites or social networks. And if you want to keep up with the times, use QR codes instead of links.

Brochures sell

With the right brochure, you can present your products absolutely perfectly. You can use the brochure as a product catalogue. At a fair, you can thus perfectly present, for example, your new product collection for the coming year. 

Some companies also prepare special editions of company magazines for fairs. For them, too, brochures are also ideal. We will print your brochures (stapled) within 24 hours of ordering. So if you want to keep your company magazine up to date, you can have it put into production even mere days before the conference.

Leaflets play a major role!

If you think that leaflets are a thing of the past, you are wrong. At fairs, these printed materials play a major role and remain excellent marketing tools.

At such events, a great number of leaflets fall into visitors’ hands. That’s why it’s important to be different and stand out from the crowd. But how do you create a leaflet that catches the eye at first glance? Focus on original graphics and choose quality paper. Leave the leaflet printing to us.

Differentiate yourselves from the competition

If you want your printing materials to stand out, try to be original. Everyone will also appreciate products that they can use later. Therefore, try to offer something special to visitors or future business partners. How about making notebooks with logos, postcards or stickers

You can also start printing calendars with your own calendar indicating upcoming events. A calendar also serves as a perfect product catalogue that your customers will keep in sight all year round. You get great advertising space for almost free.

You order. We print.

Now you know which printed materials you can’t do without at fairs. At POINT CZ, we will be happy to print business cards, brochures or leaflets, and arrange production of calendars and other promotional materials for you. We can also produce customised printed materials without any problem. Just write to us with your requirements. With the precision printing lines we have, we can easily produce even what others can’t

Text: Markéta Švábová, Daniel Procházka