Make your New Year’s cards different


People have been sending each other New Year’s cards for almost two centuries. What about you? Do you have a set tradition or will you try it differently this year? We’ll give you tips on how to get creative with PF, as New Year’s cards are known in the Czech Republic.

Where did PF come from?

New Year’s cards began to be sent independently in many countries during the 19th century. Henry Cole, a merchant in England, is considered the pioneer of printed New Year’s cards. His printed and hand-coloured postcard by artist J. C. Hersley became a hit in 1843.

How did it work in Bohemia?

The pioneer of New Year’s cards in our country was Karl, Count Chotek of Chotkow. The New Year’s card printed on paper also became popular due to the accelerating pace of everyday life as well as the diminishing religious influence, which was especially evident in the cities. However, printed New Year’s cards also drew some criticism; they were seen as “apology cards” sent to friends in lieu of personal visits.

The abbreviation PF 

French was the language of the aristocracy in the 19th century, but the abbreviation PF (from pour féliciter) soon became established in Czech circles. It is interesting that PF is currently used only for Czech New Year’s cards, while other countries do not use this abbreviation.

Forced well-wishing?

The PF tradition has become a bit of a forced well-wishing. Companies are downloading images from photo banks or trying to cumbersomely compile their products and logos. Printed cards have been replaced by pictures in email or forwarded videos. Isn’t that a bit of a shame?

Let’s go back to the beginning 

What do we often miss in the modern era when communication is dominated by chatbots, artificial intelligence, social networks and unlimited purchase of anything? A personal approach, warm words, and a human touch! We are not machines! At POINT CZ, we know all this firsthand: More and more companies are returning to the tradition of printed New Year’s cards, precisely because of their distinctive character.

Want to do New Year’s card differently this year?

Are you a fan of the traditional New Year’s card? We can help you choose interesting paper. You can also liven up your PF by die-cutting, partial varnish or finish. Drip off or soft touch lamino are exclusive paper finishes that will take your New Year’s card to a whole other level.

Are you in the mood for creativity? Great, but a wish doesn’t have to be only a wish. Choose unusual shapes, concertina books, interesting twin bindings, endless calendars, peel-offs, original gift sets, boxes or overwraps for your products. Just ask us for customised printing. We can even make something up for you.

Get inspired with us

Our company POINT CZ is well known for its creation of original PF cards. “We wonder what you will come up with this year!” is something we hear very often from our customers towards the end of the year. We pride ourselves on our New Year’s cards having wit and style, but also showing innovation and the use of new technologies. The graphic style of our New Year’s sets is in the hands of Arkadia.

We will assist with printing and production

Do not hesitate to contact us. Our specialists in offset printing frequently deal with printing of PF cards. We can advise you on shapes, materials and finishes. Do you feel like making a nice package this year? Bravo! Our packaging technologists would be happy to prepare a tailor-made proposal for you.


Text: Markéta Švábová