No alcohol, I prefer a book!


It was supposed to be a gift to our customers for the 30th anniversary of our printing company, but it became a true labor of love. Both the content and the production were a surprise. So much for the idea that corporate gifts are boring!

The hell of Corporate gifts 

Choosing the right corporate gift? This is a nightmare for all marketing managers. Probably everyone has had an experience with an inappropriate corporate gift that was merely tossed in the trash after coming back from a meeting. For our anniversary, we wanted to give our customers a gift that would leave a lasting impression. Just like us, the printing company POINT CZ, we have been leaving an impression with our work for 30 years. 

The right ingredients

The demands for a corporate gift in terms of print and packaging were high. The main ingredients were surprise, wit, good copywriting, immediate and long-term benefit, emotions and perfect printing and packaging design. In addition, the gift should also contain a hidden message, which has become a typical feature of our corporate materials in recent years.

Content with “Moderation”

We agreed that 30 years in the printing industry is a cause for celebration and that it should be accompanied by a toast. We went looking for something “tailor-made” among the producers of wines and spirits from the South Moravian Region. Part of our company’s philosophy is to support the region in which we live, so we are happy to collaborate with companies from our local area. And we found one! The Little Urban Distillery from Brno. We liked the stories of the gins that this distillery produces, as well as the history of the founder of the company, Mr. Urbánek.

After demanding testing... 😊 we finally decided on a fresh South Moravian dry gin. The typical juniper is enriched with regional ingredients: rowanberries, sea buckthorn, linden and elder flowers, lavender from Pálava and grapes from the Znojmo region. The distillery also made tonics just for us. Then all we had to do was finish it off with a glass and a corporate gift set was complete. 

Frontline packaging technologist

Our technologist at packaging production faced a slightly greater challenge this time around. After all, a gin and tonic plus a glass does weigh considerably. The challenge was not easy: to create a cover that deceives at first glance and ensures there will be a surprise. A solid construction within for safe placement of heavier products, but at the same time convenient handling when removing them. How many models were there before we found the right one? Just two actually – our packaging designer has creativity down to a fine art and a good eye for detail.

Dull Graphics? Never!

The clean graphics, design and wit of our printed materials have been part of our identity for years.  The creative agency Arkadia is behind the graphic design, as well as all our corporate materials and printed materials. The creative design of the book’s printing, as well as the labels for the gins, tonic and sandblasted glass, went through a demanding process of adjustment.

Fragments from “Making of”

The name of the gift, the accompanying texts and the content make for a truly cool concept. The BOOK OF GOOD MOODS, contains everything you like to reach for after a busy day. You just have to get the ice yourself. For the gins and tonics we wanted to keep the brand of the distillery, but we fine-tuned it to ensure a real “South Moravian” appearance. The landmarks of Brno were brought together on the printed labels of the gin and tonic,  You will find here the Villa Tugendhat, the Old Town Hall, A-Z Tour, M-Palace, the Jobst Statue and the Brno Astronomical Clock.

The characters in the book and their texts evolved over time. We matched the content with each proofreading; the process would have made a comic book on its own. In addition to a thank you, the gift should also include a message: “We wish you all a good mood, everything can be handled better with it.” Only our colleagues in production were probably not in a good mood during the printing, manual gluing and assembly. Hats off to their work. This gift was a lot of work to make, but the result is worth it!

The launch of the book

Every book should have its launch event. Our first reading took place on the premises of the “Vinařství U Kapličky” in Zaječí, where we had a celebration of the 30th anniversary of the company with our important customers on 8 June 2023. “I just skimmed through it and thought it was a very pleasant read on an evening like this.” The book was introduced to the guests at the event by moderator Jaromír Šallé.

And how did it turn out?

The book was a great success and clients call us to say they would like to print a similar product. The labels with Brno landmarks have attracted the attention of Brno representatives themselves and the distillery reports increased interest in their gin. We’re very pleased with that. We are delighted that we have managed to make someone happy and at the same time deliver the most important message. Namely, thanking the employees, customers, business partners and suppliers for these 30 years of beautiful work together.

We enjoy packaging

You don’t have to worry about not knowing how to wrap a corporate gift. We can help you print and produce tailor-made packaging to suit your ingredients. Want to see for yourself? Contact our office packaging production, without any commitment. We’ve known how to do it for 30 years.


Imprint of the Book of Good Moods:

Graphic layout: Arkadia

Gin and tonic: Little Urban Distillery

Technological design: Vojtěch Ryšavý

Creative, copywriting: Markéta Švábová

Material used: Crownboard Prestige 400g matte

Surface finish: scratch-resistant laminate, partial UV varnish

Print: Heidelberg XL 106-5-LX

Hand gluing and assembly: Alois Tuček