Packaging Trends


Packaging sells. Full stop. But what if existing packaging can no longer communicate with new customers? What are the latest trends? We spoke to our packaging division head Petr Hajda about how the fashion of “being real” is reflected in graphics, and in packaging too.

What directions are currently reflected in the packaging industry?

We’re seeing three leading directions at present. The first one is the ecology, being nature-friendly and using recycled materials. The second one is sumptuousness, with a luxurious look and premium materials. The leading surface treatments include embossing, thermal stamping and drip-off. We’ve also started seeing a third direction, one that bends off its own way and prioritises “reality”. The latest trend is a retro return to the eighties, or the nineties, which is reflected in typologies, graphics and colour schemes.

A closer look at being real

This trend is moving away from showy designs towards a product’s very essence. It seems consumers have become tired of half-truth slogans and fine print over the years. Some customers will continue to consume “shiny” design, but there’s a part of the market that has changed directions. The customers in this group will prioritise products with packaging that represents reality and the truth. I predict that well-considered shopping accompanied by striving for added value will replace instant emotional purchases. Advanced technologies will soon eliminate the differences among products, making them very similar to each other. The only thing that will differentiate them is the packaging or a certain characteristic, such as responsibility.

What’s the current situation with responsible packaging?

Demand for environmentally friendly packaging is growing, but it is accompanied by paradoxes. Companies are pressured into switching to “eco” packaging, which generally means paper. But there’s been a lack of paper on the market in recent years, and its price has skyrocketed. Many companies are thus responsible only as far as it affects their finances. But the environment needs a comprehensive approach, and responsible packaging needn’t cost a fortune. It’s not all just about purely eco-friendly materials; it’s also about the processing and construction of the packaging. 

How can a printing company help? 

At POINT CZ we most often help companies with the packaging construction and assembly. Our printing plant has set out on a path of modernization. We’ve built a new hall, stocked up on materials and bought premium machines that are helping us increase our output and save on labour. There is thus no need to push the prices for materials; savings can also be found in such places as effective internal design and automated production. We have the good fortune of being an information accumulator. Over two thirds of our orders are from abroad, and we can bring our customers the latest trends from the international industrial market. You just have to send a packaging production enquiry and let us come up with a solution.

Text: Markéta Švábová, Petr Hajda