Nobody reads magazines?


Is print advertising uninteresting? You say nobody reads it? And what about subscribers? Join us for a look at the actual 2023 research numbers.

Printed materials in a good mix 

Print advertising is part of the marketing mix, but many companies are moving away from it due to high costs and lack of feedback. It always depends on the type of product, the target group and the communication mix of other media in the campaign. At POINT CZ, our production specialists for printed materials know something about insert production. If you’re thinking about print advertising, we have some tips.

Time spent with the medium

The cost of advertising corresponds to the content, readership and time spent with the medium. On average, each magazine is read by three readers; readers spend more time with a monthly magazine than with a daily newspaper. How to choose from among them? Choose a mix of printed materials that match the interests of your target audience. The ideal combination is by type and content, specialised magazines, daily newspapers and lifestyle.

Nobody reads magazines?

The latest MEDIA PROJECT research data on press readership released on 10 August 2023 showed the opposite, that print titles still reach the majority of the population. The overall readership of the press in the Czech population aged 12–79 is 82%. Magazine readership is 56%. According to socio-demographic information, the readers are: 21% college graduates, 33% with a high school diploma, 46% without a high school diploma. By economic income, 35% are in the highest income group (A, B), 54% in the middle (C, D) and 11% in the lowest.

A gift is a success 

The magazine gift is always a hit with readers. If you don’t have the opportunity to add a sample of your product to the magazine and you don’t want to brand your promotional items, we have a tip for you. Complement your advertising space with a paper gift, an interesting printed cover or an insert.  You’ll present yourself in an environmentally friendly way, and still save costs. Don’t know how? We can help you with the design of printed materials and packaging production.

Subscribers – top group

The best group are subscribers. For one thing you know from these potential clients more interesting information such as their interests and locations, but you also have the certainty of delivery. You can tailor your promotional hit to them.


Feedback on print advertising is difficult to ascertain. This kind of advertising is mainly for brand promotion, but you can get some numbers. Guide readers to your landing page with a QR code, add a promo code, create a contest or link to social networks.

Intent, processing, hit

The objective of the communication, but also its playfulness, design and the copywriting of the printed material plays a significant role in its success. Check out the gallery to see how we have handled it. A cover or insert can also be used as direct marketing to attract new clients. Read on our blog also an article on this topic.

Promotional printed materials

In addition to gifts and covers, you can also use classic promotional printed materials such as flyers, posters, business cards and catalogues as a magazine insert. Anything that meets the weight and size requirements for distribution. We can also help you with printed materials to promote sales in stores or product packaging. Let our experts calculate a quote for the production of printed materials. Our printing company POINT CZ has been an expert in printing and packaging for over three decades.