Recipe for a corporate catalogue


Few corporate printed materials are not boring. Yet all it takes is just a little something special, and then everyone will notice them. Take a peek under our hood and get inspired. We have the recipe for the right spice.

Basic materials 

Let your corporate catalogue delight the reader’s senses. Choose shapes, cut-outs, eye-catching design, pleasing materials and surface refinement for the touch, and add the sound of the box opening. The inks will take care of the smell. Only edible paper would add flavour, but that probably will not be necessary, attractive photos are enough.  Quality, processing, content – these ingredients must be in good proportion to make for a real delicacy. Come on, we’ll serve you a recipe for a corporate catalogue that your clients will love.

Print quality

Whether you are printing corporate, promotional printed materials, manuals or POS products from paper, print quality and perfect craftsmanship is paramount. Make sure you choose a good printing company, have a model, colour proof and seek recommendations for the design of your printed materials.


Whether coated paper or uncoated, with texture, eco-friendly, luxurious, reflective, self-adhesive, translucent… Price comes first. Get a quote and recommendation for the most suitable material from specialists in offset and digital printing. If you want to insert photos or large graphic areas, eco-friendly textured paper is not the best idea. It always depends on the purpose and content.

Refining your printed materials

Attack the surface; touch and sight will help you get the first points of interest. Refinement of your printed materials is the icing on the cake of how you present yourself in print form. Play with partial and full-area varnishes and try the 2D and 3D varnish effect. Die-cuts, embossing and hot-press printing are the kings of refinement and take printed materials to a whole different league. Drip-off laminations or soft touch printed-material surfaces score with touch. Do you think it’s a lot? We in POINT are good at it, leave it to us.


Do you just want a printed catalogue without packaging? We can do that, but isn’t it a shame? You can use additional space on the packaging for communication. It doesn’t have to be a big box. Wrappers, large capacity envelopes, pockets or paper bags also work well. Unconventional packaging will make your catalogue stand out.


And now the spice 

Come up with something for me

Do you have your own idea of what the printed materials should look like? Did you like the pattern from the internet and would you like it the same way? Keep it to yourself at your first meeting at the printing company. Sometimes insisting on your own idea can be detrimental. At our printing company POINT CZ we know something about that. Our technologists for the design of printed materials and packaging production love contracts of this type: “come up with something for me”. They are experienced and creative. 

Content is the king

Everything you know, can do, have done, and have in front of you must get into your corporate catalogue, right? Sure, we understand, but no one will care. That is information for a website, blog or PR. Our specialists would recommend the opposite: minimal text, large photos, clean design and infographics.

You will NOT read the whole thing

Let’s see, how many articles do you read over coffee? You flip through the headlines, the pictures and only go for the things that really catch your eye, and sometimes just the first paragraph. You just need to get an overview, but you’ll read it another time… The same will happen with your printed catalogue. Take advantage of that. Come up with some interesting headings, subheadings, and slogans. Don’t be afraid of question marks, exclamation points or quotations, and supplement with concise text.

This is a surprise

The whole page is black, a cut-out that changes the meaning of the text, a hidden pocket, a message on the last page, an attached business card, a bookmark, an interesting cover, blind embossing, transparencies with foil, mirrored text… Anything that surprises the reader, intrigues them or makes them think. People like playful elements. Check out our article about the Book of Good Moods on our blog and let inspiration play out in your corporate catalogue.


Leave it up to us 

Our printing company POINT CZ is an expert in corporate catalogues and printed materials. After all, we have 30 years of experience. Try our contacts and choose a specialist in printing or packaging production. They will advise you on the choice of material, prepare a quote and a model. They are here for you.

Text: Markéta Švábová