What you might not know about calendars


Is the paper calendar an “outdated” medium and being replaced by the digital one? Don’t be mistaken. We print 10 million of them a year. In fact, its purpose is expanding and we’ll give you advice on how to take advantage of that.

Print of digital? 

The popularity of printed calendars is not decreasing, we know that from our production. We are the largest industrial producer of calendars in the Czech Republic and we print 10 million of them annually. Having a calendar on your desk or hanging on the wall in the kitchen is a tradition. People have learned to use digital and printed calendars simultaneously, each for something different.

The beloved desk calendar

The desk calendar is still the most popular. You can see the days of the week, holidays, make notes, check off days or flip through it. It’s the same as with the supporters of printed books. The contact with the paper, the page-turning effect, the smell of the printing is something that a digital version cannot compete with.

Changing the “utility” of the calendar

In recent years, we have noticed changes at our printing company POINT CZ in terms of what our clients order. In addition to traditional calendar versions, there is also an increasing demand for corporate and product calendars. Companies use them as catalogues, and wall calendars with large format photographs are popular. Companies can thus present themselves differently every year, creatively and usefully at the same time.

Slightly different Calendar

A calendar doesn’t have to be either conventional or boring, we know something about that. Our ZODIAC calendar was a great success, for which we even won 3rd place in the Calendar of the Year competition. The calendar here follows the horoscope and has split months. The graphics of the sheets represent the signs of the horoscope, which are ready for colouring. We created a cover for it and added markers. This calendar was selling like hot cakes.

Our next top pick was the endless turning calendar. This original calendar has three separate sections that are turned daily, monthly. Setting this design up for machine production was a bit more challenging, but we already have a model so you can have it too. Read on our blog an article about Direct Marketing. We had great success with sending these calendars.

Tailor-made calendar

Do you need to print non-standard types and sizes of calendars? No problem, contact our specialists. We’re really good with spiral binding. From all kinds of calendars to notebooks or catalogues. At POINT CZ we create twin-wire products tailored to your needs. Get in touch


Did you know that:

The Mayan calendar is the oldest preserved long-standing calendar. It begins in 3114 BC and works with cycles of 5119 years. The entire scheme spans more than 36,000 years.

Egyptian calendar is the oldest annual calendar. It divided the year into 3 seasons of 4 months each (the time of the Nile flood, the sowing time and the harvest time).

In the 5th century BC, the names of the months were named after the gods to whom they were dedicated. For example, the month Thoth belonged to the god of wisdom, Mesore was dedicated to the Birth of the Sun.

In Rome, the “calendar” served as a debt book with the names of creditors and the amount of money borrowed. The calendar was arranged by days, weeks, and months, with holidays and memorable days marked.

The first mention of a calendar in Czech literature comes from the mid 13th century; it recorded the positions of the planets and was called a planetarium.

The printing industry contributed to the spread of calendars; in 1489 the first Czech calendar was printed in Plzeň. 

Text: Markéta Švábová